English Learning Whatsapp Group Links


  • You cannot speak any other language except English
  • No spamming in the group
  • No abusing or fighting with the other group members
  • No sharing or website/youtube videos
  • So sharing of adult content
  • Give respect and take respect
  • Improve your speaking skill via recording your voice
  • You cannot send more than 20 messages a day


  • *Rules of the group*
  • *Vocabulary Development*
  •  *Be active as you can. Try to do your best. We need you*
  •  *Respect each other whoever you are*
  •  *English is the only accepted language in this group*
  •  *Links of other groups or spams are not accepted here*
  •  *Don’t discuss issues, politics, religions or sexual orientations*
  • *P*rn or s*x videos or pictures is not allowed*
  • *  Don’t change the group icon subject*
  • *  Do you want to take a private chat? then ask for permission first. if they allowed it you can if not we need to respect it*
  • *  if any member has any suggestions for improving English they can tell admins*
  • *If any member has any problem they can talk to admin*
  • *Members who fail to follow these rules, will be removed from the group after warning*
  • *Don’t do private messages to girls if we got notice, you will be kicked out from the group*
  • *Respect them*.


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