Listen To WhatsApp Voice Recording Privately Without Headphones

WhatsApp Group Tips & Tricks – Listen To Voice Recording Privately Without Headphones

Whenever you update to the WhatsApp new version, automatically new features get added up to your account. One such feature of the latest WhatsApp 2019 is the ability to listen to voice recordings privately despite in public areas without the use of headphones. Here are amazing WhatsApp tricks that you should definitely know. We are all aware of the fact the WhatsApp plays voice recordings on the loudspeaker. This is fine when you are alone, but it is quite embarrassing to listen while in public areas with people around. WhatsApp understands your concern and gave out a hidden feature that allows listening WhatsApp voice recordings with the microphone of your device. All you need to do is to place the phone near to your ear and play the message. This makes the proximity sensor to be activated and deactivates the speaker. The voice recordings will be played into your ear rather than on the loudspeaker.

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