Best Telegram channels list

Welcome to the best and the most popular Telegram channels rating for today. On the page you can find the best and the most useful Telegram channels in various categories. Please, enjoy!



Subscribers: 4.3M+

HINDI HD MOVIES is the most popular Telegram channel in the World today with over 4.3 million subscribers and №1 in our TOP 100 Telegram channels rating.

The channel is about Hindi movies and TV series. At the channel, you can download

HINDI HD MOVIES grows fast and earned over 1 million subscribers in the last 90 days. On average, this channel receives from 10 to 20 thousand new users per day.

Channel access is restricted on Apple devices!

#2 Telegram News Channel


Subscribers: 3M+

Official channel of the Telegram app. There you can find the latest news, information about updates for desktop version, android and Apple devices, bug reports and other important things.

#3 Boss of betting – free sports tips by the pro Channel


Subscribers: 5K+

Free predictions on football (soccer) and AFL. No fixed matches, sure bets and other sh*t. Just regular prematch value tips. Welcome to the club I think it’s one of the best betting channels in Telegram. This guy posts good football (soccer) predictions and do it regular. Also he posts screenshots with odds and picks and don’t delete bad predictions. Very fair channel.

#4 Hollywood English Netflix Movies Channel


Subscribers: 2.7M+

Another one big channel with online movies and TV serials. There you can find Netflix and Amazon Prime TV series, Hollywood and Hindi movies. Information about movies and TV series, direct links, IMDB rating, and other useful content.

#5 Proxy MTProto Channel


Subscribers: 2.7M+

Fast MTProto proxies for the Telegram app (Desktop, Android, iOS versions). If you have some trouble with Telegram availability in your country – this channel will be very useful for you. There you can find the latest available proxies for your device.

#6 New Bollywood Hindi Channel


Subscribers: 2.1M+

One of the biggest Bollywood Telegram channels in our Top 100 list for today. The channel has more than 2 million subscribers and has a lot of direct links for the latest and the most popular Bollywood Movies. A simple menu, genres and a lot of content.

#7 Bollywood Movies new HD Channel


Subscribers: 1.9M+

Latest Bollywood movies and TV series with direct links to download on your device. 1.9 Million subscribers and 24% of active auditory.

#8 MyPoroxy Channel


Subscribers: 1.3M+

Telegram channel with free proxies for your app. Content updates every day. Persian Language.

#9 New Tamil Movies TamilRockers Channel


Subscribers: 1.3M+

#8 in our top 100 rating with over 1.3 million subscribers. One of the biggest channels with Tamil movies. Available genres: Action, Horror, Comedy, Thriller, Musical, Crime, History, Mystery and others.

#10 Netflix movies web series Channel


Subscribers: 1.3M+

One of the biggest Telegram channels with Netflix content, dubbed in Hindi. There you can find the latest TV series, movies and read short descriptions of movies or serials.

#11 NiazCom Channel


Subscribers: 1.3M+

#11 spot in our best 100 Telegram channels Rating. Popular Iranian channel about the latest news in the Word and Iran, some fun videos, pictures, and useful content. Persian Language.

#12 Bollywood Cinemas Channel


Subscribers: 1.2M+

Bollywoodcinemas – a big channel about Bollywood movies and TV serials. There you can find the latest movies with direct links to download files in quality from 480 to 1080p. Also, short information about the rating, audio, year.

#13 Telugu movies Channel


Subscribers: 1.2M+

One of the biggest Telugu movies channels for today. At the channel, you can find popular movies, cartoons, TV series dubbed in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Eng. A lot of new content every day.

#14 BBCPersian Channel


Subscribers: 1.1M+

Official Persian BBC news channel in Telegram with 1.1 million subscribers. The latest news about the Economy, Iran, and the USA. Photo and Video content, more than 50 news per day.

#15 ASN Kannada Movies HD Channel


Subscribers: 890K+

Big channel with popular Indian movies and TV series to watch online or to download on devices with installed Telegram app. 10+ genres available and 800000+ active subscribers.

#16 South Indian Movies Hindi Channel


Subscribers: 760K+

#16 spot in our Best 100 Telegram channels rating. Another one big channel with online Indian movies and TV series. I can’t say that it is very different in content from other big channels, but it can be a good alternative if you have problems accessing your favorite telegram channels with movies.

#17 Amazon Prime Video HD Channel


Subscribers: 620K+

One of the biggest Telegram channels with Amazon Prime video content. The channel has over 600K subscribers and offers Indian movies and Amazon Prime TV serials. Related article: Amazon Prime Telegram channels list



Subscribers: 610K+

The popular Telegram channel with Hollywood cartoons, ЕМ series, and films dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

#19 Android Themes Channel Channel


Subscribers: 610K+

Android Themes for all!

If you’d like to see your Android theme featured here or learn how to make your own, join our Android Themes group (

One of the biggest Telegram channels with Android Themes.

#20 TIKVAH-ETH Channel


Subscribers: 520K+

Popular Ethiopian Telegram channel in Category “News and Mass media” with over 500K active subscribers.

#21 Chatgram Messenger Channel


Subscribers: 500K+

Official channel of the chatgram messenger in Telegram.

#22 Crypto World News Channel


Subscribers: 390K+

Latest Crypto News, Updates, Advices, Resources, Analysis, Deeper Insights, ICO’s and the whole Crypto space.

#23 Crypto Market Time Channel


Subscribers: 380K+

Another one big channel about Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Etherum and etc. Latest news, market analysis, and financial advices.



Subscribers: 370K+

We Create the best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop, Promotion, Crypto News. Token Sale, Marketing, Hype.

#25 Minish Patel Channel


Subscribers: 470K+

Disclaimer/Disclosure : I share my view with my clients also so it can be biased. Personal discretion advised. All posts/views are for educational purpose only. Kindly contact your financial advisor before taking any position/decision.

#26 SS Motivation Channel


Subscribers: 470K+

Get Inspired, Get Motivated, Road towards Success Motivational, Inspirational and Heart touching Quotes.

#27 Target Study IQ Channel


Subscribers: 280K+

The biggest Indian Educational Telegram channel for today.

#28 EBooks & Magazines for Civilservices Channel


Subscribers: 270K+

One of the biggest E-book databases in Telegram. There you can find the most popular magazines, books, educational articles in PDF format.

#29 Alt Balaji Web Series Channel


Subscribers: 230K+

Official Channel of ALT Balaji Originals Web Series

#30 Fantasy Cricket Guru Channel


Subscribers: 220K+

One of the biggest channels with Cricket predictions in the Telegram community.

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