{Loot Offer} Yay! I got Loot Payment from Za.gl (Proof Added)

Friends, Today i got payment again from Za.gl Website. Do you want to know how then read this post full …..

First i will Show you Proof :-

Here is the Proof ……..

How to earn by shorten the link with Zagl[Easily]

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Hey everyone,I know all of you wanted to earn money online.So I am telling you that How to earn money by shorten the link with zagl.

Many of you all wanted to earn money online with a rest so you are the right place.I have a very easy mathod to earn money online anywhere anytime anyplace.

There are many people among you all ask me How to earn money by shorten the link with zagl and by share them.Only you will have to share these shortening link to whatsapp,facebook,instagram and many social network so that get viral.

When visitor visit your shorten link then you earn money according to CPM in dollar currency which transfer in your account from za.gl account.

Let’s start how to sign up and  process of earning-

Sign up
Click here to Signup

When you visit za.gl then see these desktop don’t worry about it just click on sign up i.e in red circle, will see the form of sign up

Register here
Register with zagl

Register:[For earn money with Zagl]

Fill up these for with your email acoount or facebook account but I prefer register with your email for better security purpose.

Password must be strong so that there is no such kind of hacking take place with your account.

After filling the form click on register or sign up button then  get in the  Dashboard

Dashboard is where you can check or control the payment by za.gl and you get the option to get the payment in your account when you completed the maximum amount limit.

Note:Don’t worry the limit of amount so that transfer of money take place I will discuss in last….becouse

we are discussing about How to earn money by shorten the link with zagl.

Just a look of dashboard where you get the option of shortening the link-

Dashboard of zagl

This is the dashboard of za.gl  and also called control panel of za.gl in which you get  option of shortening the link.

Now we are discussing about how to shorten link in za.gl to earn money by sharing link on social network.

First of all,

Decide which site wanted to shortened and those site put your site in URL area (red circle).

Keep in mind:

  • If earn a lot of money with these mathod then site should be viral on internet(facebook,youtube,insta etc…).
  • Site should be interesting so that visitor don’t think for clicking(such as wishing script on whatsapp)
  • You can put your shortening site many time at the same place but don,t beyond the expiry date.
  • I prefer  that you can join facebook group and whatsapp group by searching on internet and then share.

How to shorten the link[with pic]:

So we were discissing about how to shorten the link.when you put the decided link in url box and then see button of Shorten click on it.

Then you get your shorten link which is in red circle,So this is your link –

Url shortner

Now copy this link and decide where you want to share.

so that you get more click becouse everything depend on visitor click(CPM).

Shorten link share on those place where your site got viral such as ( Social network, Blog etc…..).

Now We are discussing about how to get from za.gl account to your bank account…

There are some term and condition here-

  • Maximum amount of transfering  when you reach 2$ then you are eligible to transfer through paypal.
  • Maximum amount of transfering  when you reach 5then you are eligible to transfer through Account.

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